About Holly

A little about me: My name is Holly (as the title of the blog would suggest).  I’m from Colorado, moved to Washington, and now just moved to Arizona.  It’s hot here.  I’m still trying to get used to it.  I live here with my boyfriend, Josh; his kitty, Recker; and my kitty, Rhombus.  I’ve just started experimenting with cooking and I’ve been rather successful (or so I think).  Since I also love photography, I thought a food blog would be perfect!  This way I can share my adventures in the kitchen and I have an excuse to bust out my fancy camera on a regular basis.

My food-blog style:  I am a vegetarian.  I don’t have any huge moral issues with eating animals, I just don’t like ’em all that much.  That being said, I’ll mostly be making vegetarian dishes.  Since my boyfriend is not a vegetarian I’ll try to make notes about how to add meat to a portion of the recipe for meat-lovers.  I think I’ll tag this posts as “Meat-afiable.”  Or maybe not.  Also, I am trying to be healthy.  My dad was just diagnosed with diabetes, and since that can be passed down through genes I feel like prevention is my best bet right now.  Oh, I’m also into making things easy for beginners.  I hate when I see something that looks delicious, but I don’t know what they mean or how to do what they’re talking about.  Lastly, I love to bake.  My bread machine is my favorite kitchen gadget.

Here’s the plan:  Create awesome food, make people laugh, and go for second helpings guilt free.  I’m going to aim for at least one bread/baking post, one drink/alcohol post, and one “real” food (like something you’re mother would approve of) post.

Ready, set, go.

Contact Me: Email Holly!

  1. Hey! I really enjoy your blog. So I’ve selected you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Click on my link to read my post about the award and why I think your blog is awesome!


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